AirHotel is a mobile air hotel full of funky flying dreams and cocoons.

A dream project to dream of.


Sizzle in the steam bath in the wellness machine. Get served by airhostesses and waiters who climb up in tree. Wake up with the sound of birds singing and enjoy a healthy breakfast….




You are introduced into the magical world of the hotel owners and their staff: Tuning Tony, heartbreaking Lucy, the Madam, The Strongest Granny in the entire world, and silent Brambo.

At the Bar of the Wellness Machine you receive the “house rules” and a reading light.


You are kindly asked to leave all excessive luggage behind and freed of all the unnecessary, you are ready to take off into airspace.




You and your roommates receive a personal tour and are introduced into the settings of the AirHotel. In your room, you will find fresh linen and a personal night journal.




Then you are expected in the sauna for a sweating session in the Wellness Machine with HOT FAT MAMA. You receive a bathrobe and a towel.




You are invited to relax with a glass of cava or juice, but now and then the characters will suck you up into their world and, wanted or unwanted you get find yourself tangled up in intimate or hilarious situations.




At dawn you get to choose two wishes from your personal room service list in exchange for a dream in your night journal.

The journals are brought to your room by the hotel staff.

The room services are sometimes poetic moments, or powerful performances: a love song, a sweet music box or a disco party.


The performance balances on the verge of semi reality and it is only when waking up that you realize that nothing was what it seemed the night before.




In the morning a healthy breakfast is served: granola and fruits, which you enjoy together with the other hotel guests.



The Drop

While dancing the boogie-woogie you slowly rise up into the trees. The housemaid reveals the myth of the AirHotel.

The Shell

In this airship, our hotel therapist brings you back to the essence of life.

La Boîte de Nuit

The Basement. This staff room is only used in case of double bookings. You can count on a staff party.

The Star Shitter

High in the sky. Watching the stars from a convertible. You can hear someone singing a lullaby in the distance.

The Love Nest

Even if there is no love (yet). There is no doubt for the one who doubts

The Lotus

This room only opens at crescent. A singing geisha will treat you on a tea ceremony.

El Ambassador

The suite of a hotel. VIP approved. Order a fan!











The Wellness Machine houses the reception, the sauna and the bar.


10 mei > 2 juni 2012

Norwich and Norfolk festival - Norfolk

United Kingdom


22 juli > 18 augustus 2011

Terra Nova - arboretum Kalmthout - kalmthout



22 juli > 1 augustus 2010
Terra Nova - Vrieselhof - Oelegem



(TimeCircus crew en Mammoutcrew) :

Lovenest: Sam Verdonck
Shell: Adriaan Van der Halle
Lotus: Bram Rombouts, Marie Storup, Sara Dandois
Boite de nuit: Bram Rombouts, Marie Storup, Sara Dandois
Starshitter: Bram Rombouts, Wim Van Hoof
El Ambassador: Mam’mout
Drop: Sebastiaan Boumans
The Black hole: Svan Roofthooft

Versterking constructerscrew:  
Christoff Govaerts, Jasper der Kinderen, Astrid Deneckere, Kobi Gruyaert, Teatske Burgerjon, Jobo

Mam’mout crew :
Axel Vosters, Yves Ceulemans, Wannes Van Tiggelt, Berten Van Tiggelt

Lies Marechal

Dramaturgie, coaching en teksten:
Janne De Smet, Marijs Boulogne en Sara Dandois

Spel en zang:
Thaïs Scholiers, Janne De smet, Gideon Hakker

Bram Rombouts, Sara Dandois, Adriaan Van der Halle en Sebastiaan Boumans

MC muziekdoos:
Benjamin Boutreur

Joris Casaer en Maaike Buys

Grafisch ontwerp:
Kim Vleugels

Special honour to:
Kris Rockelé, Terra Nova en de provincie Antwerpen,  Maarten Simons, Bram Van den Ende, Madame Greet Prové
Met de hulp van: Antwerpen Open voor  ateliers, het Vrieselhof en de mannen van de groendienst, Paul en Hilde Dandois, Sofie Rombouts, Laika, Wim Smet, Kathleen Venq, Rosi Simoens , Edwin, Marte, Nicco Van Roose, Lot Pluche, Arne Van Boxel




Sara Dandois
0032(0)486 37 87 24